The Best Smart Home Security Cameras

A few years ago, people would buy dogs to feel safer in their homes. But nowadays there are a lot more options when it comes to home security, like smart home security cameras for example; they are the evolution of CCTV and connect to your smartphone. 

Security Cameras:

There is a lot of companies that offer a home security camera. For example, Canary, Hive, Honeywell and Ring. But how do you choose the right one for your house? Down below, here are some recommendations for your home security. 


Nest Cam IQ

security camera

Price: £299

The Nest Cam IQ may be the most expensive one of these three but is definitely one of the best smart home security cameras. It is, for example, able to recognize different persons by using facial recognition; which makes it one of the best smart home cameras. So this basically means that the camera can tell who gets home and who may be breaking into your house. It also records in Full HD, and has a close-up tracking feature; if someone is captured in your house, it will automatically track their body and face for the best possible close-up view.


Honeywell Lyric C2


Price: £139

The Honeywell Lyric C2 gives you the ability to check up on your home by using a mobile app on your smartphone. It can also tell you the difference between a crying baby or a smoke alarm and it will also send you a notification on your smartphone if it hears it either.


Hive Camera

home security

Price: £129

This camera is the cheapest of our list, but definitely not the worst for its price! The Hive Camera lets you live stream your home by using a mobile app on your smartphone. Thanks to its speakers and your smartphone microphone, you are able to talk to your pets when you’re away from home. It also shoots in great HD and offers you a remote zoom feature. It also offers night vision, so you can also capture footage at night time.


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