Top Tips for Hosting a Safe and Successful Holiday Party

The end of every year brings with it parties and celebrations of every kind. This year won’t be any different. As 2019 crawls to an end, many companies will organise an end-of-the-year dinner to cap off a successful year. A lot of families will also celebrate with friends and families at Christmas.
Whatever party you are organising in the fast-approaching holiday season, don’t neglect to consider event security. We know you want to make sure everyone has loads and loads of fun, but you also want to ensure your colleagues, friends and loved ones are safe.
To make sure you and your guests have a safe and successful holiday party, we’ve gathered some tips to help you plan.

Make Alcohol-Free Choices Available and Be Alcohol Wary
You should have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available for some of your guests such as designated drivers who have to stay away from alcohol. Some others would want to maintain their sobriety and would prefer soft drinks too.
For the rest of your guests who have no reservations about consuming alcohol, you have to keep an eye on them. Alcohol dulls senses and a few servings can make your guests try out things that are dangerous. By being watchful, you’d be able to intervene before things spiral out of control.

Have an Accurate Guest List
You should also make use of a guest list to prevent uninvited guests from gatecrashing your party. A lot of people are on the lookout for opportunities to steal. So, hire Bristol event security guards to man the entrance of the venue and using an accurate guest list, they’d also be able to monitor who goes in and out of the venue.

Watch Out For Theft
Although there’s little chance that any of your invited guests might help themselves to other guest’s valuables, you don’t want to risk finding out. Do not leave room for guests to leave their bags, coats or phone on the table while they are on the dance floor. Make sure every guest leaves their valuables in the cloakroom and have security guards positioned at the entrance.

Provide Car Parking and Have Taxi Cabs Waiting
Car parking facility should be available for guests who want drive home after the event. You can hire a Bristol security company to direct guests to available parking spaces. The security guards can also make sure parking is organised and that there’s free movement of vehicles.
You can also arrange for a local taxi company to convey guests who have had one too many drinks back to their homes.

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