Construction Site Security

What is the true cost of security?

What do you think of when you think about security for your business?

An unnecessary expense, or a valuable investment?

Many business owners disregard the need for professional security on site, but in places such as construction sites, security has never been more needed.

Why criminals are attracted to construction sites

Think about it – you have a large project in operation, which involves building the next greatest structure or extension. Chances are, the workforce you are employing to undertake such projects will have a lot of very expensive equipment with them – and not all of it is attended at any given point.

Criminals throughout Bristol and the rest of the UK are coming to realize this, and construction site theft is now becoming a major contributor of lost assets and stolen goods.

The real impact of hiring security

Although hiring professional security could be seen as an expense, most business owners who know how to successfully run a business see it as a wise investment – this is because time and time again we come across stories of how security guards have prevented crimes such as construction site burglaries and saved businesses thousands in lost assets.

From local stories highlighting the serious issue of crime, such as statistics reported by the BBC telling us that in just one year alone burglary increased by 20%, through to worldwide stories such as the incident in San Antonio where would-be thieves trying to remove expensive power tools from a construction site were stopped in their tracks when the incident was spotted by on-site security.

These are just 2 of several incidents both locally and worldwide that highlight the importance of using professional security to reduce security risks for businesses in both Bristol and the rest of the UK.

Will a security guard save me more than they will cost?

This question can be answered by simple mathematics.

When you take into account the fact that hiring professional security can cost from as little as £500 to as much as £500,000 a year (depending on the size of your business), and compare that against even low-scale single incident thefts which have cost businesses hundreds of thousands a time, it can be seen that the cost of hiring a professional security company to prevent incidents such as construction site burglary could turn an initial investment into an instant saving – even if it just prevents a single instance of crime.

What is your business worth to you?

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